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Enrichment Clusters

GBCS - Greater Brunswick Charter School

Enrichment Clusters!

What is an Enrichment Cluster? It's a specially designated blocks of time when people with common interests come together to explore a topic. They are student-driven, teacher-facilitated learning experiences in which students develop products and services for real-world audiences.
¿Qué es un grupo de enriquecimiento? Es un grupo de personas que se reúnen a una hora determinada durante el horario escolar para explorar un tema de interés común. Estos grupos son una experiencia de aprendizaje dirigidos por los mismos alumnos y supervisados por los maestros en los cuales, los alumnos desarrollan productos y servicios para audiencias del mundo real.

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Story Time!
Enjoy reading a different book every week, either in English or in Spanish!
We will be working on different projects based on the books we read, this is a hands on reading!     

Ready, Set, Grow!
How long do plants live?  Are all plants edible? How can you tell what plants or parts of plants can be eaten?  Can you identify a good insect (beneficial)? What plants live or bloom just 1 year? What plants live or bloom many years?
Do you like to build stuff? Have you ever wondered how a building is made? How about how a city is made or a space station or even the Great Wall of China?
Come join us and help design and build....something....spectacular!
Working With Clay
Learn how to create something out of clay! Our facilitator will teach you the skills and give you the materials needed. You will take your art work home at the end of the cluster.
A girl sewing a long pillow
Sewing Cluster
Students working on an architecture project
Architecture Cluster

Students pointing to some flowers in a garden
Ready, Set, Grow! Cluster