Academic Programs

IMG1We are very excited about our academic programs. We chose programs very carefully based on on evidence-based research, academic merits, and alignment with the mission and vision of our school.

We use Investigations in Number, Data, and Space in grades k-5, and Connected Math in grades 6-8. These programs involve hands-on interactive activities and develop strong math thinking skills.

We have Readers and Writers Workshop from Columbia University Teachers’ College Reading & Writing Project across the entire school. Our teachers went for summer training to Columbia University for the past two years and came back each time with a huge number of ideas and strategies. In additon, we use Fundations in grades k-3 to strengthen phonetic awareness and build strong decoding skills for our developing readers.

For Social Studies in grades 2-8 we have History Alive!. This is a very interactive program and we are so pleased to have it in our school this year. Read what our Education Director has to say on this topic.

If you have any questions about our academic programs, please contact Vanessa Jones, Education Director. 732-448-1052.